Thursday, August 13, 2015

On the road again

By Casey Fields, Manager for Municipal Advocacy

Cue Willie Nelson’s 1980 hit “On the road again.” I know you know it. The Municipal Association legislative team is very familiar with this catchy tune. We sing it every year about this time. Why? Because it’s time for Regional Advocacy Meetings.

We hit the open road to visit a hometown near you, share a meal, some fellowship and talk legislative politics. I love hearing about kids, grandkids, summer trips, and new ideas to make your cities and towns better places to live and work.

The Regional Advocacy Meetings start next Wednesday, August 19, in Columbia. If you haven’t already registered, consider coming to one of the ten meetings that’s closest or most convenient to you. 

I know everyone is busy and has second and third jobs in addition to be an elected official. But there is real value in gathering together, discussing local issues, learning about new laws in place and forming strategy for the upcoming legislative session.

This year we will go over new laws from the 2015 session that cities and towns have to follow. Topics like requiring agendas for meetings, Uber regulations and indigent defense on are deck. We will also take some time to discuss local issues that are on your mind and talk politics about General Assembly elections and the overall mood at the State House.

Over lunch, we will tackle the big issues coming up in the 2016 session. Business licensing, local accommodations taxes and dilapidated buildings are just three issues that cities and towns are facing in the second year of this two-year session. 

I promise, these meetings are not lectures or boring presentations. They are a fast-paced discussion of local issues important to you, your colleagues and us - who represent you at the State House.

Doesn’t this sound like something you don’t want to miss? Of course it does. Register for a Regional Advocacy Meeting and let me buy you lunch. I will make Scott, Melissa and Tiger sing Willie Nelson. See you on the road!

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