Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Register today: Regional Advocacy Meetings start on August 14

By Casey Fields, Manager for Municipal Advocacy
Yes, we are serious. Attend a Regional Advocacy Meeting.

By now, you’ve hopefully read articles in Uptown
encouraging you to attend one of the ten Regional Advocacy Meetings coming up in August and September. You’ve seen the announcement in the weekly Uptown Update. You heard our executive director and board president reiterate at the Annual Meeting why you should attend.
If you are still wondering if you should attend your local Regional Advocacy Meeting, let me help you. YES. YOU SHOULD.
Casey Fields and Scott Slatton leading the discussion with mayors and councilmembers at a Regional Advocacy Meeting last year
The Regional Advocacy Meetings start on Tuesday, August 14, in Greenwood at the Arts Center. If you haven’t already registered for one of the ten, do it now. You don’t want to miss your opportunity to have your voice heard.

These meetings are designed for municipal officials to offer their input on the Association's Advocacy Initiatives for 2019.

We will go over laws passed during the 2018 session and how they affect you at the local level. We will talk about issues we know will return for the 2019 session (like the plastic bag ban) and, most importantly, we will hear from you. Your concerns and ideas on local issues that can be solved at the state level.

We will also share a good meal, great fellowship and talk a little about politics.

We have invited all current legislators to attend the Regional Advocacy Meetings this year to listen to local officials and share ideas on how to work together to solve problems.

This meeting is a discussion among the Association staff, you, your colleagues and your legislators. It’s designed to be fast-paced but thorough enough to walk away with some good information and next steps for the months leading up to the new session in January.

I know you are busy. I know you have a lot of other responsibilities including running your city and protecting your residents. I promise the Regional Advocacy Meeting will be time well spent.

So once again … register now for a Regional Advocacy Meeting. Never too soon to start planning our strategy to advocate for #StrongSCCities in our General Assembly.