Thursday, January 28, 2021

Hometown Legislative Action Week Begins Monday

The Municipal Association’s Hometown Legislative Action Day — which fosters relationships between state legislators and municipal governments and calls attention to the issues that matter to cities and towns — ordinarily takes place in a single day. For 2021, however, it’s taking on a format more suitable to the need for virtual gatherings.

Hometown Legislative Action Week, which will unfold across five days of virtual content and valuable insight into the new legislative session. Each day from February 1 to February 5, the Municipal Association will send out videos explaining its new Advocacy Initiatives. The individual videos will be short and suitable for sharing to spark conversations about the issues. 

As the videos launch, those who register for email updates will be the first to get them, so be sure to register to receive the emails here. This event registration is free. 

Here’s the 2021 HLAW schedule (click to enlarge): 

Beyond registering for the 2021 HLAW, there are some other steps city and town officials can take to keep up with what’s happening at the State House: 
  • Subscribe to From the Dome to Your Home, the Association’s weekly legislative report delivered by email every Friday during the session. The report takes a look at what’s happening with the Association’s Advocacy Initiatives as well as any other legislation with an impact on cities and towns. 
  • Listen to the City Quick Connect podcast, where the Association’s advocacy staff discuss the week’s legislative happenings during the session.