Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Local officials take to Capitol Hill

A group of municipal officials were on Capitol Hill today to talk with SC delegation members about the Marketplace Fairness Act, the Homeowners Flood Insurance Affordability Act and the threat to the municipal bond tax exemption.


Sen. Graham voted for the Marketplace Fairness Act when it passed the Senate last year, and he told the group that final passage is critical to saving the state's downtowns from unfair out-of-state online competition. The House version of the legislation is scheduled for a hearing in the Juduciary committee this Wednesday. The group also met with Rep. Gowdy's staff about MFA because he serves on Judiciary. 

The group met with Sen. Scott's staff and they heard from the group about the same issues as discussed with Sen. Graham. The Senator's chief of staff is a former city councilmember from Colorado so he was well aware of local government challenges. 

The Senator's staff briefed the officials about the Senator's Opportunity Agenda and asked the group to let him know if they are aware of good apprentice programs in SC that could be duplicated on a larger scale. 


Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, what are the repercussions to the businesses that do sell online if this bill does pass? And what about those businesses that do not sell tangible goods; ebooks, services, courses, etc.? Are they exempt from this bill?

Municipal Association of South Carolina said...

Businesses that sell online would collect sales tax and remit to the taxing entity just as they would if they were selling from a bricks and mortar outlet. Anything that is already subject to sales tax would continue to be.

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