Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Budgets are more than dollars and cents

With the Local GovernmentFund and other financial issues at the forefront at the State House during the budget debate, city officials with July fiscal year budgets are starting work on their 2014-2015 municipal budgets.

Municipal budgets really communicate more than just the dollars and cents of money in and money out. A good budget should also communicate the council’s vision for the city and how that vision will be carried out. Read more about tying vision to budget in this Uptown article.

Council, regardless of the form of government, has the responsibility by state law to pass a balanced annual budget as well as contract for an audit. For mayors and councilmembers new to municipal budgeting, these can be overwhelming processes, even if elected officials have private sector business and budgeting experience.

For officials new to local government or those who just want a refresher on the budget process, the Municipal Elected Officials Institute will be offering its Basic Budgeting and Municipal Finance session on Thursday, March 20. The deadline to register is March 10. The MEO classes will be streamed live to the ten regional Councils of Government. Find out more here.

Read what several mayors had to say about this MEO training in a recent article in Columbia Business Monthly magazine.

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