Thursday, March 20, 2014

Cities Collaborating to Make Business Licensing Easier

For a business owner, few things can be more frustrating than paperwork. And sometimes government paperwork can become an impediment to getting a job done, especially in the arena of business licensing.

South Carolina cities and towns are taking steps to make a dent in some of the paperwork complexity by offering a standardized business license form. The Municipal Association has worked with its Business License Officials Association, the state Chamber of Commerce and a number of other local chambers of commerce and business organizations to create this standardized business license application especially to help transient businesses like contractors, landscapers and caterers that work across multiple government jurisdictions.

This application was introduced in early March. Click here for the latest updated list as more cities are added. While using the standardized application is entirely voluntary, some cities are completely replacing their existing form while others will accept the standard form and their existing form. Read more about this new application form in the March Uptown.

In addition to this new business licensing application, read about how several cities have already been working toward solutions to make the licensing process easier. From discounts on business license fees on anniversary dates to better information flow to centralized filing, Greenville, Lexington, Anderson, Columbia and Sumter are responding to customer needs and making their communities more business friendly.

Business licensing is a complex profession involving knowledge of the law, finance and a good dose of customer service. Did you know there are multiple levels of accreditation that business license officials can receive, and there is a professional association just for these folks? You can learn more about what the day in the life of a business license administrator involves here. 

Get the press release about this new application here.

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