Wednesday, March 30, 2016

SC Day of Service: May 21

By Tiger Wells, Government Affairs Liaison

South Carolina had quite a year in 2015. Our state faced unparalleled tragedies, yes. But our state also demonstrated to the world what it looks like when communities can pull together across the historical lines that divide. In short, South Carolinians shined through service.

As a member of the 2016 Leadership South Carolina class, I was so pleased when our group was asked to come up with a project aimed at improving the way South Carolina is viewed internally. We decided that a project promoting unity through service would be appropriate. We know that when people serve together they not only forge and strengthen enduring bonds, but they also improve the way they feel about their community in the process.

The 2016 class of Leadership South Carolina has worked with the General Assembly and Governor Haley to establish May 21, 2016, as the inaugural “South Carolina Day of Service.”  This will be an ongoing observance for all South Carolinians to roll up their sleeves and serve a worthy cause.

Local officials can be an important part of this effort. Councils can adopt a resolution acknowledging “South Carolina Day of Service”(get a sample resolution here).

Municipal leaders can encourage residents to join in and add their act of service to the statewide service going on that day. If they like, cities can offer specific local projects on May 21.

The service performed on May 21 doesn’t have to be anything grand, although it can be. It can be something relatively easy like taking food to someone who is sick or mowing a neighbor’s grass. Or it can be something more involved like participating in one of the many ongoing recovery projects stemming from last October’s flood. Regardless, everyone can do something.

It’s easy to participate. Link here to get more information about how you can get involved.

The hope is that through such service our communities might become closer, South Carolinians might then view our state in a more positive light, and that light may then be seen by those outside of our state, as it was in 2015. Dum spiro, spero.

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