Monday, March 6, 2017

Let the sun shine in

Sunshine Week is March 12 – 18 focusing on the importance of transparency  and open government. The March Uptown includes five articles focusing on open government best practices.
Show your city’s commitment to open government during Sunshine Week by sharing these articles and this press release with your local newspapers, posting them on your city website and social media sites, and distributing them to councilmembers and city staff.

Also download this sample Sunshine Week resolution your council can pass to reinforce its commitment to transparency.

Read more about Sunshine Week in the March 2016 Uptown to get additional resources on FOIA training for local officials, download the S.C. Press Association’s FOIA handbook and learn more about court cases.

Use #SunshineWeek and tag @muniassnsc with any Sunshine Week social media posts.

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