Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Give your ideas for 2017 legislative session at Regional Advocacy Meetings

By Casey Fields, Manager for Municipal Advocacy
Listen to Casey's podcast interview to get more details about the Regional Advocacy Meetings
Casey Fields and Scott Slatton at
2015 Regional Advocacy Meeting
It’s August. It’s hot. It’s humid. And it’s time for the Municipal Association’s Regional Advocacy Meetings. These meetings are designed for municipal officials to offer their input on the Association's Advocacy Initiatives for 2017.

Jump in the car with your fellow local officials, buckle up and hit the road for an advocacy meeting near you. We will share a good meal, some fellowship and talk politics. I loved seeing everyone after Annual Meeting. The regional meetings keep the momentum going from such a great meeting in Charleston this year.

Association staff hits the road
The Regional Advocacy Meetings start on Tuesday, August 16, in Surfside Beach at the Civic Center. If you haven’t already registered for one of the ten, do it now. You don’t want to miss this year’s lineup. It’s a little different so pay attention.

We will open up the meetings by looking ahead to big issues for the 2017 legislative session. Business licensing and police training are two topics that I’m sure will come up. Then, we will hear what’s on your mind about issues in your city or town.

This year we are inviting legislators to join us for a panel to discuss their opinions on big issues for cities and towns in the 2017 session. We are inviting specific members of your local delegation to participate in a panel discussion and to stay for lunch. We'll let you know which legislators have accepted our panel invitations as soon as we get confirmations.

Even if you think you and your General Assembly member love each other like family, you still have to work on it. Especially if you have a newly elected House or Senate member.

This is not a lecture-style meeting. It’s a discussion among the Association staff, you, your colleagues and your legislators. It’s designed to be fast-paced but thorough enough to walk away with some good information and next steps for the months leading up to the new session in January.

And we promise a great meal.

I know you are busy. I know you have a lot of other responsibilities including running your city and protecting your residents. I promise the Regional Advocacy Meeting will be time well spent.

Register now for a Regional Advocacy Meeting. Don’t miss the opportunity to tell your legislators what’s on your mind (kindly, of course) and hear what’s coming up for the 2017 legislative session. I can’t wait to see your smiling faces! Never too soon to start planning our strategy to advocate for strong cities and towns in our General Assembly.

Listen to Casey's podcast interview to get more details about the Regional Advocacy Meetings.

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