Friday, July 22, 2016

Hometown Economic Development Grants can fuel local projects

One of the most popular clicks on the Association's website during the Annual Meeting was the Hometown Economic Development Grant program. Mayor Bill Young, the Association's president, rolled out the program in the meeting's opening session. Every city got an application packet by mail in early July, and there's an easy online application. 

"These grants will help cities carry out economic development projects that will make a positive impact on the quality of life in their communities, while also promoting and recognizing innovation in economic development practices," Mayor Young told the crowd assembled at the Annual Meeting. 

Cities and towns can apply for grants up to $25,000 to fund economic development projects that will produce measurable results, can be maintained over time by the city or town, and can serve as examples for other municipalities. This July Uptown article has all the details on the grant criteria. 

Examples of eligible activities for the grant include professional services related to producing master plans or conducting analysis for marketing, branding or promoting cities and towns and their local businesses; infrastructure development; and the creation of programs or assets for public use in conjunction with private or nonprofit organizations.

The application process, with a deadline of September 30, involves a match from the city. 

Email Scott Slatton or call him at 803.933.1208 for more information.

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